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Thank you for showing interest in our awesome websites, to speed up the process, and save you time answering all my questions we have designed this form to gather as much information as we can, don't worry, its not that long.

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1. What do you want people to do?

Email onlySee who and where we areShowcase our awesome servicesRead my blogEngage with our customersLet them review our productsLet them buy and pay our products onlineAllow people to book our services online using an Appointment System

Maybe also:

2.Who are those people?

My family / people I knowExisting customers in brick and mortar shopLocals within radius of X km/msNationalInternational

And also:

Domain name

3. Do you already have a Domain name (

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Content of your website

4. What type of website do you think you need?

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HomepageAbout us (company history)Contact usOur EmployeesFrequently asked questionsCommunity InvolvementFull BlogNews / latest news / featured newsEmployeesTestimonialsProducts and their detailsProduct categories and their detailsProduct searchProduct detailsFeatured productsPromotions and cross/up sellingStock management

I'd also like:

5. Do you have text you can put on the website?

Yes, loads, I can provide thisNo, but I'll get on it and send this to youNo, please help me find a good writer


6. Do you have images you'd like to use on the website?

Yes, loads, I can provide theseNo, but I'll get on it and send this to youNo imagery will be required, help me


Design of your website

7. Do you have a logo?


8. Do you have a website design you like?

Yes, its on my current websiteYes, I can provide a file/filesNo, I don't, please help me


9. If it needs to be designed can you provide some examples of websites you like?

Find the websites you like, then Copy & Paste some addresses below (like for intsnace :).

10. If it needs to be designed what words come to mind to signify the look and feel?

Marketing opportunities

11. Would you like to incorporate Social Media into your website?


12.If you would like Social Media what should be included?

Include only links to my Social MediaInclude shares and likes on posts, products etc etcFull intergration (call for details)


13. Have you thought about offers from your website?

Offers are a great way to attract people to your website, offfers could be discounts, coupons, freebies, even a checklist!

Yes, loads, I can provide you offer detailsNo, but I'll get on it and send this to youNo, but I know just the right marketer, tell me what you needNo, please help me find a good marketer


Last... but not least

14. Any other comments, suggestions or feedback you can think about?

Yes, I just wanted to let you know:

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