Social Media

43% have found their customers on LinkedInSource: Socialmediatoday

Shouldn’t your business be next?

Setting up Social media correctly is powerful, however missing a little step can hurt your campaign...

  1. Which tools should I use, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, some special industry specific one, or even all!
  2. Do I really have the knowledge to set-up my Tools (Facebook profile, page, or group, what's the difference)?
  3. How do I measure my results in a readable and consistent manner?

Some of the things we can help you with:

  1. A Social Media Marketing strategy
    1. What do you want out of Social Media as a business?
    2. How can you achieve these goals?
    3. Who, what and when is it required?
  • Setting up of Social Media profiles in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest
  • Facebook engagement and management of comments, likes, shares and users
  • Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Design of your LinkedIn company, Twitter Business and Pinterest advertising opportunities
  • Lets get to work!

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